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Bird Watching

A Caledonian Ornithological Endemism

New Caledonia is a territory where you will observe rare and/or endemic birds (sea, bush and dry forest birds). Some species nest on sheltered lagoon's islands. Some of these islands are strictly...

Seabirds Paradise

At the end of the warm season the New Caledonian lagoon takes occasionally Hitchcockian appearances. It often by thousands of migratory flights such as these Pacific shearwater (Puffinus pacificus...

The cagou as New Caledonia's emblem

The most famous calédonien bird is the cagou. It's the sole representative of the Rhynochetidae family. The cagou is only living in the Caledonian rainforests and in some shrublands areas. We often...

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus Cristatus) : an exceptional fisherman!

Among the birds commonly observed, the Osprey takes a special place. Its large size nest is easily identifiable in the tree tip on the lagoon's islands. The osprey is a bird of prey, frequently...


Widely spread over west pacific region, the grey back zosterops is easily recognizable by its song with hushing sounds. It can be confused with its cousin the green back Zosterops.