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A first fishing kayak for NEW CALEDONIA FISHING SAFARIS

Our new registered is a 13' 8" "Hobie Pro Angler" Fishing Kayak is ready to fish as well.
The name of our fishing kayak is "YU", meaning bonefish in Kanak language.
"YU" is well equipped with the famous pedal-powered Hobie Mirage Drive system livewell, sail, large front hatch, cutting board, storage hatch, 6 horizontal rod storage and several rod holders and extensions, drift chute,…

Our fishing kayak is very stable and the capacity is 600 lbs.
"YU" is our first kayak and we hope get 4 or 5 other units in the next months.

The kayak is ideal for mangrove fishing (mangrove jack,…), flat's (bonefishing), and blue fly fishing (mackerels, skip jack, yellow fin tuna, groupers, trevally,…) drop off fishing (GT's, mackerel, groupers, job fish,…) and coastal trolling for, mackerels, barracuda, job fish

More Infos about this HOBIE KAYAK on this links :
A first fishing kayak for NEW CALEDONIA FISHING SAFARIS