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A Caledonian Ornithological Endemism

New Caledonia is a territory where you will observe rare and/or endemic birds (sea, bush and dry forest birds). Some species nest on sheltered lagoon's islands. Some of these islands are strictly restricted particularly during the nesting period and others under permanent prohibited access.

Book of reference
Book of reference
185 species of birds

Birds of New Caledonia has 197 taxa in 185 species of birds including 59 taxa including 37 endemic sub-species. One hundred twenty-two of the birds are nesting, twenty-three of whom are seabirds. Four eighty-six are indigenous and thirteen are introduced. Migratory birds are fifty-four species. Seventeen are endangered species (sterns, cagou, ...), among which four are in danger of extinction (Tulu Honeyeater, Island Thrush, Horned Parakeet, Egothèle Caledonian) and some are really in critic extinct danger or definitely extinct (Nighthawk Whiskered, Turnix Multicolored, Caledonian Lorikeet, Caledonian Rail).

List of New Caledionian birds
List of New Caledionian birds
Silvereye (Zosterops lateralis)
Widespread in the Western Pacific, the Silvereye is easily recognizable because it's singing is like little hissing. It might be confused with its cousin : the White-eye back to green.