Fishing with NEW CALEDONIA FISHING SAFARIS TOP 8 World Bonefish Destination

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Saltwater Fishing

Flat's fishing :

Saltwater Fishing
New Caledonia flyfishing and particularly bonefishing for huge ones seems to be forgetten by all the fly fishing book authors published in the world.

New caledonia is off the radar of most flats anglers but it's home to some of the biggest bonefish in the world.

The top north New Caledonia is contening several huge beautiful sand flats where the bonefish is located.
On these flats, among bonefish, there are different other fish species like trevally and big one (GT's), spangled emperors, …"Baoum", is the local name for giant trevally (GT).

Fishing the reef :

Saltwater Fishing
Passes sides and drop off, where sport fishes are numerous and waiting for the first lure.

Reef fishers will test the effectiveness of their own fishing gear and tackles, face to face with monsters : GT's, dogtooth tuna, groupers and other big ones : jacks, Spanish mackerel, sailfish, yellowfin tuna,…
There are many and many great drop off hot spots inside the reef or offshore.

Outside the reef

Saltwater Fishing
Big Game Fishing on 30, 50, 80lbs, for marlin, maï-maï (dolphin fish), wahoo, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, Spanish mackerel, rainbow runner,…

Flyfishing for large pelagics and other species like queenfish, jobfish, yellowfin, skip jack, Spanish mackerel, rainbow runner,…