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Double hook bones on one of the flats of the north archipelago

The far north region is wellknown for its unless flats. In there the stock of bonefish is containing huge specimens might be weight 20lbs!

Double hook bones on one of the flats of the north archipelago
Fly anglers coming from close countries like Australia and New Zealand, are more and more numerous for several reasons:

- Flight time to New Caledonia is only 2.30 hours from Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

- Bonefish are less numerous compare to other South Pacific Bonefishing destinations like in Cook Islands or Christmas Islands, but weight and size of them and they are so powerful, making fantastic rush so they are able to do (150-200metre run) ; its really incredible!

As says my good friend and very good fly fisherman, Peter Morse "New Caledonia bonefishing is so challenging ; the fishery is not really for beginners and it's now my favourite bonefishing destination in the world for the quality of the fishery and the magnificent environnement especially the bare red earth hills at the wild northern extremity of Grande Terre provides a surreal backdrop to the bonefish flats.

Then, American and Japanese fly anglers are more and more coming here for bonefishing.

At last, European fly anglers are not hesitate to take a long 24 hours flight to discover this fantastic fishery we have and a new destination for a record bonefish.