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A fantastic halieutic wealth

Trevally, dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel, marlin, maï-maï, tuna, sharks,…

A fantastic halieutic wealth
A lemon shark who missed the lure and was bitten by the fin. The sharks are often very awkward to engamer the lure. It may be noted in this photo above, it is a small lure that has interested this monster of this nice size squale. The angler saying : "Big lure, big fish" do not always reveal true like this other one : "Overcast weather = dark colour lure".

A fantastic halieutic wealth
Adults GT's may grow to large sizes (170 cm) and weighing 60 to 80 kg.
This fishing for Giant Trevally (very important fish populations in New Caledonia) is particularly popular with popper fishing anglers, because its a visual Fishing (popper); fish shows its impressive dark mass before engamer the lure. It follows a fight of unprecedented violence which requires from the angler a very good physical condition.

A fantastic halieutic wealth
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