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The must fishing guides!

All our sport fisheries are guided by local guides coming from kanak tribes, clans of the sea, with more than fifteen years of experience and trained in modern sport fishing.

The must fishing guides!
Since their early age up till today, fishing guides continue to fish trditionally, like their ancestors doing in the past. The fish caught by tkanaks are used only for family needs.

Over time, our fishing guides have acquired a perfect knowledge of the habits of different fish species wanted by sport anglers.

Depending on season, tide height, climatic conditions they know how guide you to the right place at the right time.

Concerning fly fishing bonefish, guides have been trained spotting and identify fish without using glasses. Guides are spotting fish very quickly at the bottom ; they have Fantastic eyesight (we use to say : eagle's eye). They then tell you exactly where the bonefish are, "pointing" their arm and finger towards fish.
The must fishing guides!