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Javan Rusa deer (Cervus Timorensis Russa)

Javan Rusa deer (Cervus Timorensis Russa)
Introduced in 1870 in New Caledonia by the Governor of Java, as a gift to sir Guillain Governor's wife, the rusa deer (Javan) is very well developping in the Territory, particularly on the West Coast.

We now estimated at 120,000, the deer population in New Caledonia. The deer is a threat for the dry forest and in particular for their endemic plants.

Opening period : throughout the year (bag limit : 1 deer per day, per hunter)

Trophies: Mid-July to late August.

A little touch of Gourmet for this abundant Caledonian venison…

Javan Rusa deer (Cervus Timorensis Russa)
It is a meat, rich in protein and iron, low in cholesterol and fat, not reducing during cooking. It's a tasty meat, its taste not strong, a little hazelnut smell.
It's one of the main course of the "bushmen" who prepares kebab, stew and "soft horn stew"), marinated salad, carpaccio, patés,…