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Richard Bertin

• PO 2231
98846 Nouméa Cedex
New Caledonia
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Two Dabbling Ducks : Pacific Black Duck and Grey Teal. Opening : From July-1st to November-30th Other waterfowl , wader species : sandpipers, curlews, godwits,… Opening : From May-1st to...

Wild turkey (Méléagris galopavo)

The bow hunting and shooting of wild turkeys in New Caledonia, is open all year. Rrecently imported in 1970 from North America, "Meleagris" is very well developing in New Caledonia's savanna,...

The wild pig

Quite a lot of wild pigs in the Territory ; their weight varies from 20 to 80kg, the tusks may reach 20cm. Hunting is open all year long.

Javan Rusa deer (Cervus Timorensis Russa)

Introduced in 1870 in New Caledonia by the Governor of Java, as a gift to sir Guillain Governor's wife, the rusa deer (Javan) is very well developping in the Territory, particularly on the West...

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